Little League Baseball and Spring Break Travel Plans

What a gorgeous day yesterday was! The wind was super blustery, but who cared when the sun was shining! I took my new hair-do out for a great day of little league baseball with my favorite wee boys! Nephews are the most fun! The tiny sluggers played hard and won the weekend! Way to go, boys!

Today was a lot of errand running, but I didn’t mind one bit. Why? Because I am getting ready to head back down to my beloved New Orleans!!!! So excited! Part of the visit is a big birthday spring break trip for my daughter, and then I get to stay a few extra days by myself to do a little research for the sequel to one of my novels. What’s on tap for my trip? A little late night French Quarter jazz, some haunted history, and of course some of that fabulous New Orleans food, y’all! (If you see me at Cafe du Monde for the third or fourth time in one day, just look away. Don’t judge. Wipe the powdered sugar off your shirt, and look away. ) I’ll be taking lots of pictures and hopefully will have some great stories for you. Stay tuned!

And when I get back, I get to go see my little guys and have us a serious crawfish boil! Which is a good thing to have to look forward to because it is soooo hard for me to leave New Orleans!

Y’all. This next week is going to be amaze-balls!!!! What’s your favorite thing to do in the Big Easy? What is a must-do for my trip??

Much love!


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