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Thanks for dropping in!  Here, I will keep you updated on new projects and other shenanigans such as writing conferences, speaking engagements, and more including Dead Folks’ Tales and BYOB podcasts on Authors on the Air Global Radio Network!

I hope you will spend a moment getting to know the writer behind the words.  There may be two sides to every story, but there are more sides to every writer.

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Nola Nash

CRESCENT CITY MOON, Book 1 in the Crescent City Series, available now on Amazon and other bookstores. CRESCENT CITY MOON was awarded Finalist for the 2021 CIBA Awards in the Paranormal category.

CRESCENT CITY SIN Book 2 in the Crescent City Series available now on Amazon and other bookstores.CRESCENT CITY SIN was awarded 1st Place in the 2022 CIBA awards in the Paranormal category.

TRAVELER, Book 1 in the Traveler Series and Amazon best-seller, is available now on Amazon and other bookstores. TRAVELER is also available on audiobook!

HOUSE OF MIRRORS is available now on Amazon and other bookstores