Make the Bold Choices

Bold choices aren’t comfortable. I’d argue that if they are, they aren’t bold enough. Making a bold choice comes with a tidal wave of emotions, from doubt to elation. It did for me. But as the wave recedes and I am left with the results of those choices, I can see them for the benefit they are, despite the sting of the moment.

The first big choice was standing up for my work with a publishing house that didn’t fit my needs or expectations. Rather than continue to push for something they weren’t willing to give, I made a bold choice. And this one was frightening. I pulled contracts for upcoming work so I could find them a home that was a better fit. Now, this wasn’t easy for an author to do. Isn’t getting a publishing contract what we all want? What some never get? And here I was throwing that away. What’s wrong with me, you ask? Nothing. I knew it wasn’t the right fit, and I hoped I would find the right one. If not, well, I knew I had still done the right thing. Just as I was beginning to have glimmers of doubt as time passed and rejections came in after submitting my work to agents and publishers, the bold choice came through for me. A new contract with a publisher I’m excited to work with that is doing all the things I felt I needed to be successful and happy with a publisher. Make the bold choice. And then, be consistent and patient.

Another bold choice came recently when I needed to set some boundaries. Having learned from my past of being too available and accommodating for my own good, I stood my ground for what I believe in. There was a moment of upheaval and lots of questions from those friends on the sidelines, but I know I made the right bold choice. Being able to say I did what I knew was right and healthy for me is a great feeling. In the process of standing my ground for my priorities, I did lose an opportunity to do something I loved. However, because of the bold choice, something even bigger came along that I now had the time and space to pursue. Make the bold choice. And then, be open to new possibilities you never saw coming.

Making bold choices may cause you to lose some people in your life or remove some things you’ve become comfortable with. They can shake you up and shake up others. However, following your conviction and doing what is right for you can feel amazing. There is power in taking your success in your own hands. Whether it pays off or not isn’t really the point of the bold choice. It’s putting yourself in a position where things can happen, not guaranteeing that they will. That, in itself, is liberating.

I’ve cut out some drama, freed up some time, and taken advantage of the opportunities that have come my way as a result. I’ve never been one to make bold choices before. I’ve carefully weighed options and generally resigned myself to the familiar. But, the feeling of making that bold choice, the elation, nervousness, and excitement for what may come, is worth any fears and upheaval. My choices, bold and small, are my own. Knowing that is empowering, even if those choices are the wrong ones. Make the bold choices. They may be wrong, but they may just as easily be very right.