Book Launch: Crescent City Moon – Excitement and Fear

img_0390It’s been a crazy busy week launching Crescent City Moon, my paranormal mystery set in the heart of 1820s New Orleans, but such a fun one! There is so much to do, but also lots of cool things that happen when a book launches! Facebook group takeovers, giveaways, and the excitement of getting reviews in! I’ll be honest, though, it’s also a little scary! As an author you experience a roller coaster of emotions, even negative ones, as your dreams materialize into ink and paper. What if no one likes it and I’ve spent years working on this for nothing? What if no one buys it? What if…what if…what if….

Then, there’s the flip side of the coin. What if it takes off like a rocket?

Who knows what will happen? All I know is that I just signed my first official copy of a book sold on Amazon!

And it feels amazing!

One day, my feet will touch the ground again. One day, I won’t be bombarding my friends and family with news about Crescent City Moon. Of course, that will be because it will be Spring and Sylvie’s Pen will be launching! Seriously, though. Well….

Thank you to all of those who have made this an amazing journey and are all along for the ride as it takes me to new places!

Much love,