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Dead Folks Tales podcast is a New Orleans-centric exploration of southern gothic history and hauntings. Authors, historians, cultural experts, artists, and paranormal experts will weigh in on stories that make their skin crawl. As laid back as the Big Easy, Dead Folks Tales will feature chills and laughs as Louisiana-born-and-raised author Nola Nash takes her guests on a storied “tour” of some of her favorite places in the Crescent City and around the South where the dead are as intriguing as the living. And since it’s Nola, you can expect a little lagniappe (‘something extra’) thrown in, too.


Also live on YouTube and Facebook on Authors on the Air.

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Also from Authors on the Air is BYOB – Bring Your Own Book (or booze, or boys, …) with hosts Nola Nash and Laura Kemp. Each month these author buddies get together to talk about writing and reading. Sometimes they even bring in a few author friends to join the party. Pour a drink and join the fun! You never know what’s going to happen with those two!

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